We’re actual Professionals in Philanthropy…

We’re all used to calling in consultants for business decisions (even if that means a trusted friend or mother). From technology, to marketing and everything in between, we rely on the expertise of individuals fully immersed in the best practices of that specific field. Why would our philanthropic giving be any different? It’s a good decision for your health, it’s a good decision for your business, and it’s a good decision for your community. Does that deserve less rigor or expertise in the decision-making process?

You can probably guess that our (somewhat biased) answer is no.

When you have someone who knows the intricate culture, reputations, successes, programs, giving methods, strategies, and so much more that surrounds the nonprofit sector, you’re able to have the most meaningful and impactful charitable experience. It’s through this expertise that we’re able to offer the following services:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Programs & Team Building
  • Philanthropic Advising
  • Philanthropic Strategy, Goals, Priority Setting and Annual Planning
  • Giving Vehicles to Meet Your Needs
  • Due Diligence on Potential Grantees
  • Outcomes Evaluation and Impact
  • Generational Philanthropy
  • Employee Engagement
  • Designing, Implementing and Strengthening Grantmaking Programs
  • Grantmaking Technology
  • Giving Circles
  • Funders Forums
  • Online Giving Days

We cover it all. But it isn’t enough for us to be knowledgeable about philanthropists. It’s the in-depth involvement we have with the nonprofit organizations themselves that gives us the necessary scoop. We work with nonprofits to strengthen their effectiveness, which helps us guide them AND you.

We are your partner and professional in charitable giving. No gift of time, talent or treasure is too small. We work with philanthropists of all sizes.

Here are just a handful of our happy philanthropy clients:

Henderson Community Foundation • NV Energy • Nevada Women’s Philanthropy • Ritter Charitable Trust • Anthony L. Pollard Foundation • Stern Family Foundation • City of Las Vegas • John Krakauer Estate • Boyd Gaming Corporation • Downtown Business Solutions • MGM Resorts Foundation • Nevada Community Foundation • Golden Nugget

And here’s what some have to say:

Stacey Wedding was an instrumental partner in helping us launch Nevada Women’s Philanthropy. She was with us from the very start, embracing our model of philanthropy and offering great insights into the needs of our community. The NWP started off as a passionate idea originated by a group of friends, and Stacey truly translated our goals into a wonderful reality. We are indebted to her for helping make our first year such a success.

Heather duBoef and Dana Lee, Founders of Nevada Women’s Philanthropy (NWP)

Professionals in Philanthropy is a tremendous resource for the Ritter Charitable Trust. They are sensitive to our mission and lend great support and thoughtful advice. They are well versed in the needs of the nonprofits in the Las Vegas community and have developed strong relationships with many of the agencies. I give PiP my highest recommendation.

Hilary Westrom, Co-founder, Ritter Charitable Trust

Stacey Wedding is the queen of everything nonprofit in Southern Nevada.

Bruce Herman, Training Manager, Golden Nugget

As a project-based consultant to NCF, Stacey has provided a wealth of expertise on community needs and charitable issues that she uses when working with donors and nonprofits. She works with passion, integrity, high standards and the utmost professionalism. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Stacey will receive quality service and guidance.

Maureen Schafer, Board Chair, Nevada Community Foundation (NCF)

PiP is well versed in the multitude of nonprofit entities and uses that expertise to effectively guide companies and individuals through the complicated web of charitable giving. Most importantly, they possess a record of accomplishment of ensuring that generous individuals and companies’ giving is both effective and impactful.

Darcy Neighbors, Founder & CEO, CIM Marketing Partners