Strategic Advising

We are Professional Do Gooders, or as some call us…

Professionals in Philanthropy

We all want nonprofit organizations to operate at their peak capacity (because that means lives are being lived at peak capacity), but it isn’t always clear how to make that happen. That’s why, more than a decade ago, we opened our doors for business.

Whether you’re a philanthropist, a board member or a nonprofit executive, you are our focus. We help you do good work in a meaningful, fun, impactful way.

Strategic Planning

    • Facilitation (retreats, focus groups, etc.)
    • Building a Positive Team
    • Nonprofit Total Review (Organizational Assessment/Sustainability Audit)
    • Motivating Your Team
    • Understanding Team Roles
    • Managing a Busy Workload
    • Conversations that Count
    • You Can’t Smack ‘Em So You Might as Well Manage ‘Em