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Board Services

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Board in a Box: Board Meetings Toolkit

Do you dread your board meetings?

Click HERE to learn how to go from board zero to board hero!

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“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will you get you there.”—Author Lewis Caroll. We couldn’t agree more, which is why the PiP team is at your service with our strategic planning offerings.

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Just like your car needs an occasional tune up, so does your nonprofit. That’s where the PiP team comes in. We assess your particular situation, work with you to strategize on future plans, and coach you through execution.  Our ultimate goal is to build your organizational capacity and work ourselves out of a job. Want to get started? Connect with us today.

Cheryl Constantino, Stacey Wedding, and Terri Chandler enjoy lunch to benefit Future Smiles at the Flower Child-sponsored event.

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Stacey Wedding

Stacey Wedding

CEO/Chief Strategist

Kevin Dincher

Kevin Dincher

Strategic Adviser

Cami Lewis

Cami Lewis

Operations Catalyst

Debbie Devald

Debbie Devald


Killian Flanagan

Killian Flanagan

Social Media Coordinator

Samantha Trieu

Samantha Trieu

Communications Coordinator


We’re grateful for the appreciation of those we’ve helped.

I have served on several professional and community boards for 38 years. Never have I learned the valuable things I learned today. This will help me in my Board responsibilities.

Attendee of Storytelling Workshop Board Member, Friends of North Las Vegas Library District
Attendee of Storytelling Workshop

Stacey Wedding has been and continues to be a wonderful asset to our nonprofit. We would highly recommend her to other nonprofits as a great resource for all aspects of growing your outreach. She is a pleasure to work with and has a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of the nonprofit world. 

Lisa Habighorst

This workshop [Board Roles and Responsibilities] provided a strong guideline for board members to commit to finding their place and commitment to the task.

Antendee Trustee, North Las Vegas Library District

Bravo! to Professionals in Philanthropy for launching workshops on Storytelling for Nonprofits! Here’s a skill that everyone working in the nonprofit world can improve upon and can utilize immediately.  I found Once Upon a Time: The Story of Your Nonprofit and Increased Support to be one of the most useful workshops I’ve attended. The presentation was engaging, fun and, most importantly, relevant.   The workshop changed the way I think about how to speak to a donor or prospective donor in a way that is both memorable and informative.  I look forward to sharing this information with our staff and attending more workshops!

Pam Lang

Stacey Wedding is our nonprofit fairy godmother! 

Angelica Lopez Safe Nest
Angelica Lopez

There are no substitutes for experience and passion. Stacey brings both to the table. Our organization would not have been able to extend our national expansion without her knowledge and guidance. But what I admire most about Stacey is her authenticity. Stacey genuinely cares about aligning the right resources to serve the most vulnerable in our communities.

Patrick Callihan

Stacey Wedding was an instrumental partner in helping us launch Nevada Women’s Philanthropy (NWP). She was with us from the very start, embracing our model of philanthropy and offering great insights into the needs of our community. The NWP started off as a passionate idea originated by a group of friends, and Stacey truly translated our goals into a wonderful reality. We are indebted to her for helping make our first year such a success.

Heather duBoef and Dana Lee Founders, Nevada Women's Philanthropy
Heather duBoef and Dana Lee

Stacey is well versed in the multitude of nonprofit entities and uses that expertise to effectively guide companies and individuals through the complicated web of charitable giving. Most importantly, she possesses a record of accomplishment of ensuring that generous individuals’ and companies’ giving is both effective and impactful. 

Darcy Neighbors

In the course of just over a few short years, The Rape Crisis Center board has made huge strides in growth and development, and it shows in every aspect of our work. We could not be at this stage without Stacey’s guidance and direction.  I highly recommend Stacey Wedding and her team to any nonprofit board; you will find them an incredible resource and guide to moving your board to the next level.

Tanna Prince

Stacey Wedding and the PiP team are a tremendous resource for the Ritter Charitable Trust. They are sensitive to our mission and lend great support and thoughtful advice. The team has excellent communication skills and is professional, thorough and competent yet also personable. I give Stacey Wedding and PiP my highest recommendation. 

Hilary Westrom Co-founder, Ritter Charitable Trust
Hilary Westrom