5 Things for Every 501(c)3 During Nevada’s Big Give

With only one week until Nevada’s Big Give, we understand that many of you have already planned and implemented plans to participate in Nevada’s Big Give. But for anyone who might thrive on the thrill of the last-minute, here are some important reminders!


The 311 for any 501(c)3

  1.  Participating in Nevada’s Big Give isn’t just about the opportunity to receive donations from your base of support. By registering with NevadaGIVES before the day of the event you will be eligible to receive additional prizes!
  2. Not only are they offering awards for the most unique donors and most dollars raised, there are awards during Power Hours. If you have the most unique donors in any of the four one-hour Power Hours throughout the day, you will win a bonus $500. Organize as many supporters as possible to give at the same time (even if it’s only $10) to maximize the potential impact of their gifts! Check out the list of times for the Power Hour here and learn about Golden Tickets.
  3. Did you know that an entire Nonprofit Toolkit has been created just to ensure your success? From communication tips to collateral materials, NevadaGIVES has ensured you won’t need to reinvent the wheel to participate in this fundraising effort. So don’t. Check it out here.
  4. This year we will be encouraging donors to participate in a giving challenge. After making a gift, they will be prompted to tag 5 friends and gently (but publicly) nudge them to make a gift as well. Encourage them to also give a shout out to your organization! Your supporters are some of the most likely to have friends and family who are also moved by your cause!
  5. Be active on social media. Like, share, tweet, retweet, tag and hashtag. This is a day of online giving…so be online. Nevada’s Big Give isn’t just about your opportunity to raise some funds (although we’re certainly crossing our fingers that we all do plenty of that). It’s about a collective community attempt to strengthen this State. Take advantage of the opportunity to make a genuine connection with your supporters. They’re the most likely to remain your advocates for the other 364 days of the year. While this seems like an obvious sentiment, you’d be surprised how many organizations don’t thank their donors on social media. Don’t be one of them.

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