A Big Start to Nevada’s Big Give

If you’re familiar with Nevada’s Big Give, you’d know that it’s a community wide celebration where for one day, people come together to Give Where They Live: proving that the collective power of generous citizens can make a Big difference. In one 24 hour period of online giving, donations are made to support Nevada charities. Since its inception, more than 10,000 individual donors have given $1.4 million to hundreds of unique charities. It’s living proof that the Silver State is the gold standard in compassion.

If you’re familiar with Professionals in Philanthropy or Stacey Wedding, you’d know that Nevada’s Big Give is just the natural result of our commitment and passion to making a positive change in our community. PiP Founder and CEO, Stacey Wedding, has served on the NevadaGIVES board for a number of years. After seeing the incredible synergy created by other community giving days across the nation, Stacey was inspired to create Nevada’s Big Give, giving our state a similar opportunity. The result? One day of giving, a new way to solidify our community, and the numbers you see above.

It may have been one individual who introduced the concept of Nevada’s Big Give, but it is thousands of concerned Nevada citizens who have led to its success. While we’re proud of Stacey for her specific role, we’re equally proud of the thousands of individuals who have also done their part. The size of your donation does not matter. This is about creating a community where philanthropy is valued, giving back is collective, and change is built together.

This year, the Big Give will take place on March, 12th. It isn’t too late to join the movement of compassion and service! Visit the Nevada’s Big Give website to schedule your donation today!