Do You Have a High Performing Board?

The team at Professionals in Philanthropy has years of experience helping organizations build and strengthen their Boards. Large or small, functioning well or completely dysfunctional, your Board is our priority. We utilize tools from The Board Productivity Optimizer we’ve developed to ensure your Board goes from bored to blazing.


Board Services include:

  • Customized Board Trainings – We offer a variety of trainings customized to meet your needs. Some of these include:
    • Board Roles and Responsibilities
    • Board Trends and Best Practices
    • Board Members as Storytellers
    • Show Me the Money: Engaging Your Board in Fundraising
    • Elephants in the Board Room
  • Facilitated Board Retreats – Need an external, neutral facilitator for your next Board Retreat? Look no further! 
  • Total Board Review – We open the hood and look at your Board systems, structure, and practices. After we assess the situation, we recommend next steps.
  • Board Infrastructure Building – We partner with you to build the structures, policies, practices, and systems to ensure a well functioning Board.
  • Board Chair Coaching – New to the Board Chair role? We will coach you through the unchartered waters, helping you lead your Board and work with your CEO.
  • CEO/ED Coaching – It is tough being a CEO/Executive Director. We will guide you through the critical relationship between you and your Board.