Acting for ALS of Nevada

Here at PiP we aren’t exactly morning people. In fact, if we have to get up before 8 am, we’re outright offended at the demands of normal human functioning. Brush our teeth? Wash our faces? Take a shower? We’re practically put-off by the universe’s expectations; but sometimes, we’re also humbled by the blessing we have to be offended. Sometimes it’s easy to take the small things–like having to brush your teeth early in the morning–for granted. If you don’t believe us, ask someone with ALS how appreciative they would be if they were given the opportunity to control their own body and care for themselves.

ALS, known commonly as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a neurodegenerative disease where motor neurons are killed in the brain—leading to a loss of muscle movement. When you can’t brush your teeth, you would love to do it at any time in the morning. So here at PiP, we’re grateful that we have the ability to do the small things; and we’re also grateful for the big things that are done by ALS of Nevada. Knowing that there are others who don’t share our privilege, ALS of Nevada has become committed to giving those afflicted with and affected by ALS as full and normal a life as possible.

There are many actions individuals with ALS can no longer preform. Actions we get to enjoy and take for granted. There are also actions we can take in their place. Act today for ALS of Nevada by helping to provide support and services through a donation. With Nevada’s Big Give only 2 days away, there’s an easy way to make a difference and act for those who can’t! Visit their website or their donation page.