Are You Mobile Minded?

Mobile mindedness sounds easy, right? I mean most of us are so connected to our cell phones, conjoined twins have gone through easier separations. It’s funny to think that we—the people who would rather risk our lives in a car than put our cells down—are sometimes the most likely to forget the need to be mobile friendly. Not in our personal lives (I’m sure we all have partners who wish we were less mindful of our devices…or we don’t have partners and we wish we had more to be mindful of). We forget it in our in our professional lives.

I came across a recent advertisement that sited a statistic. According to a planned-giving tracking device, 15% of visitors accessed planned-giving websites using their mobile devices! If older individuals planning their legacy are using their mobile devices to make decisions about their assets, we can rest assured that everyone else is doing the same.

When you create anything, be mindful of its mobile compatibility. If the rest of the world is like those of us at PiP (and we like to think we’re fairly normal), you’ll be reaching quite the population.

–Aeriel Halstead, PiP Positive Change Trailblazer