Be the Good through Nevada’s Big Give for Transition Services Inc.

What do a 3-D Bob Marley image, gorgeous hand-crafted wood trays, delicious (smelling) homemade soaps, a yard crew, a cleaning crew, and pet care all have in common? The incredibly talented individuals who can create and complete all of these things. There are over 300 people around the Las Vegas Valley with incredible abilities, which is not surprising. What may be surprising, however, is that these people with incredible abilities also have disabilities. They belong to Transition Services Inc. (TSI): an incredible organization based here in the Valley.

TSI was established in 1988 with a simple goal in mind: to provide meaningful employment to those with developmental disabilities. In turn, those with disabilities provided meaningful work, meaningful art, and meaningful enrichment to everyone else. Employment choices for people with disabilities are limited, which is why TSI created six small business enterprises to respond to the needs of their clients. Limited, however, does not seem to describe the fulfilling and supportive job opportunities they have built. They have a cleaning crew, a yard crew, a wood-working crew, an artistic crew, a magazine writing crew, and a pet care crew: and they’re all doing things that benefit our society.

Take the time to look at their work, I mean really look at it…it’s breathtaking! This isn’t just about doing good for them, it’s about allowing them to do good for us. Visit their website today and afterwards, you’ll want to stop by their donation page.

You can help amazing individuals with incredible abilities (oh yeah, and disabilities) through your generous gift today. Be the Good Through Nevada’s Big Give!