Forget Your New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, we said it. Forget your New Year’s resolutions. Whew! Do you feel better? We sure do. Seriously, though, we can all probably relate to setting a few really lofty resolutions or perhaps a long, never-ending list of things we want to accomplish this year. The reality is that these often don’t last nor do […] Read more

Dec, 24, 2018


What exactly is an editorial calendar anyway?

What exactly is an editorial calendar? Ask three different people and you’ll probably get three different answers. That’s what makes it important to ask the right person. PiP has our own share of communications experts, but every now and then, we like to look beyond our work into what others are sharing. One of our […] Read more

Oct, 22, 2018


Feeling the heat in your workplace?

We’ve all been there. We’re in a heated conversation, and our temperature is rising. Within 10 minutes, a routine issue turns it into an emotional arm wrestling match, with raised voices and bruised egos. This type of situation is all too common on teams–whether we’re talking a department at your nonprofit or a Board-CEO exchange. […] Read more

Aug, 09, 2018


Funders: Are They Measuring the Wrong Thing?

Guest Blog by Andy Schuricht, founder of Valor CSR, and PiP Consultant When making a donation to charity, most companies want their gifts to be used effectively and efficiently. Donations shouldn’t be wasted on unimportant things, but should instead be used to maximize the social impact of a particular cause. There needs to be a […] Read more

Jun, 04, 2018


Effective Philanthropy: Is It Okay to Just Treat the Symptom?

Guest Blog by Andy Schuricht, Founder, Valor CSR Often I will be talking to someone about charitable giving, and they will express frustration that, “it’s just one thing after another. We keep giving money to treat the symptoms, but never really address the root cause.” Or, with more funder jargon, “we only fund transformative projects.” While I understand […] Read more

May, 09, 2018


Stories and Your Synapses

Before you start a position at an organization, you might complete a 20 hour orientation. But all of that information will be overridden if one of the employees pulls you aside and says, “let me tell you how things really are around here.” Ten minutes can mean more than 20 hours when it’s a story. […] Read more

Apr, 06, 2018


The Usefulness of Urgency

Peter Singer tells the story of a young mother in “The Life You Can Save.” She’s the primary bread winner in her family. And things are finally going her way. She just landed a big client and their financial troubles have eased. As she finishes the phone call sealing the deal, she’s approached by a […] Read more

Mar, 06, 2018


A Single Breath

My Buddhism professor, a formerly ordained monk himself, once told me, “Your one true friend is your breath. It stays with you from the moment you’re born, and leaves you only when you die. Your breath supports you and keeps you alive.” It’s one statement that has struck and plagued me. People come and go. […] Read more

Mar, 06, 2018


A Recipe for Success: Events Edition

Hello everyone! My name is Killian. I recently graduated from UNLV as a meetings and events major. Over the course of my college career I helped plan a wide range of events, from a game night with 10 students to a scholarship fundraising event that raised thousands of dollars for the lucky recipients. Whether it […] Read more

Feb, 16, 2018


Tell the Stories They Care About

Do you have a burning passion for electric aircrafts? Yeah, me neither. But Erik Lindberg does. He also has an understanding of the importance of communicating about the topics that will emotionally impact your audience. It probably isn’t electric aircrafts. But it might be the peaceful giants who roam the plains of Africa: the elephants […] Read more

Jan, 02, 2018


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