Tools to Create Campaign Videos

In the spirit of the Back to School season, we could all learn to do something new!

Aug, 30, 2016


Harnessing the Power of People

Small donations, but big results.

Apr, 06, 2016


Building a Statewide Culture of Philanthropy–Featured in AFP 2015 Summer Newsletter

From the mouth of someone who’s done it here in Nevada!

Jul, 17, 2015


Professionals in What?

It’s Professionals in Philanthropy, this is what we do.

Apr, 02, 2015


A Big Start to Nevada’s Big Give

Stacey may have inspired Nevada’s Big Give, but YOU make it a success!

Mar, 07, 2015


The Know About Donor Management Systems – Technology in Philanthropy

Technology in Philanthropy is a column we feature on the PIP blog to keep leaders up-to-date and informed in the never-stagnant tech sector – find out what you need to know about Donor Management Software here!

Sep, 22, 2014


Only the Blind get Blindsided on Boards

Here are 10 questions to help you decide if you’re ready for a full-time Board commitment.

Jul, 16, 2014


Budging Your Board on Fundraising

Because sometimes when it comes to fundraising, it’s like every seat on a board is missing…

Jun, 30, 2014


To Be Productive…Or Not To Be?

That is the question.

Jun, 09, 2014


An Alliance (Conference) to Move Elephants (In the Board Room)

Come to the Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits Las Vegas Regional Conference to learn how to move Elephants Out of the Boardroom!

May, 01, 2014


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