When the Floor Becomes the Ceiling

Recently I had the pleasure of presenting Elephants in the Nonprofit Board Room™ at the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Conference in San Francisco. One of the attendees followed up with me and shared, “I’m very proud that we have a 100% giving board. However, there seems to be confusion where board members perceive a […] Read more

Sep, 26, 2017


Board Members Really Want to Help….or Do They?

Sometimes the answer isn’t as obvious as we would like it to be.

Mar, 06, 2017


Grants as Scary as Ghouls

These are things to keep in mind if you’re hoping to land those grants as scary as ghouls.

Oct, 24, 2016


Tools to Create Campaign Videos

In the spirit of the Back to School season, we could all learn to do something new!

Aug, 30, 2016


Corporate Giving Trends and Your Nonprofit Webinar

PiP Founder, Stacey Wedding to present on Corporate Giving Trends.

May, 19, 2016


Co-opetition, or Co-Authors?

Let’s say you work for a nonprofit organization that aims to address food insecurity. Would it make sense for you to do anything that might keep children from being well-fed? As my 10-year-old sister would say, “only on opposite day.” As nonprofit professionals, of course we want to see healthy, thriving, egalitarian communities. That’s what […] Read more

May, 07, 2016


Harnessing the Power of People

Small donations, but big results.

Apr, 06, 2016


Save the Date: May 20th Once Upon A Time Workshop

Save the date for an upcoming Storytelling Workshop on May 6th.

Mar, 26, 2016


Thank You: Still the “Magic Words”

Thoughts on the power of gratitude from PiP Strategic Advisor, Kevin Dincher.

Mar, 18, 2016


Big Giving Deserves Big Donor Stewardship

Make sure to put Nevada’s Big Give to use the other 364 days of the year.

Mar, 09, 2016


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