Cultivate Curiosity

Remember this cute little guy?  He was so curious, always discovering new things for us to learn about… and sometimes getting into trouble.

Curiosity is almost always the beginning of new things… inventions, art, and so on. Someone asked: what if …?

Benjamin Franklin discovered a way to harness electricity because he was curious. Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb (after many failed attempts) because he was curious and persistent. Elon Musk is working towards making civilian space travel a reality. I would dare say curiosity is behind all of our progress and innovation as a civilization…

So, how does this apply to you?

Curiosity is good for you. Studies have shown that curiosity positively correlates with intelligence. In another study, published in Psychology and Aging, more than 1,000 older adults aged 60-86 were carefully observed over a 5-year period, and researchers found that those who were rated as being more curious at the beginning of the study were more likely to be alive at its conclusion.

Curiosity, shown as an attitude of openness and genuine interest makes it easier to form and maintain satisfying significant relationships. It also helps us grow as people, which contributes to an overall feeling of happiness and a sense of meaning in our lives.

In addition, maintaining an attitude of curiosity in your professional life can help you excel and achieve more at work. Curiosity can be a catalyst for a new idea or solution to a particular challenge you or your team may be experiencing and can be the beginning of something amazing.

You may have seeds of curiosity in you that could become the next Spanx or Tesla. Cultivate your curiosity and see where it takes you!