For the Everyday President

Here at PiP, we like to think that we’re able to see the reason behind celebrating all holidays (outside of a day off of work), or maybe we just like to find reasons to celebrate ourselves: in either case, Happy President’s Day!

We certainly want to give our sincere appreciation to the leaders of this country who have helped to build the place we call home, but we’d also like to call some attention to some different presidents. We’re talking executive directors, CEOs, board members, businessmen, heads of households: we’re talking the everyday President. We’re grateful for this holiday because it gives us the opportunity to reflect on the wonderful existence of leaders who make the world (or at least their household) go round. Leaders make a difference in our homes, our communities, and our lives, and that’s a difference worth celebrating.

To the leader in us all, whatever group or cause you may lead, enjoy the celebration of yourself!

Feb, 18, 2014