An essential part of your funding strategy

Gone are the days of checkbook philanthropy. 

Competition is steep, which means you have to be at the top of your game now more than ever with solid programs, measurable impact, diverse funding sources, and strong infrastructure–not to mention well-written proposals. 

We’ll help you get there through:

  • Grant Readiness Assessment – We’ll analyze your processes and practices to determine if you’re ready to pursue grant opportunities and, if needed, to build your capacity to become as grant ready as possible when the time is right.
  • Grant Research & Strategy – We’ll organize the grant research we conduct on your behalf, prioritizing the best options to pursue. Once you’ve decided which you’d like our help with, we’ll collaborate on a strategy that builds on your strengths and meets the funders’ interest.
  • Grant Writing – After partnering with you to decide on the approach for each grant, our team will gather all of the necessary pieces and write the compelling narrative to make your organization as competitive as possible. We have been successful with grants of all kinds– government, corporate and private foundations, each of which require a different approach.