GrantStation Webinar – Stacey Speaks

For nonprofit organizations, the importance (or potential importance) of grants is apparent. When they call you a nonprofit, revenue sources are vital.

Understanding they are important is vastly different from understanding how to properly strategize for a proposal, however. How can you create a revenue strategy if you haven’t figured out the bigger picture? Not understanding the private grantmaking climate is like trying to hike blindfolded. Are grants worth your time? What do funders want? How do you adapt to their desires while maintaining your organizational integrity? Many organizations need answers to these questions. That’s where Stacey Wedding, Founder and Chief Strategist for Professionals in Philanthropy (PiP), comes in.

On Thursday, January 28th, Stacey will be hosting a webinar through GrantStation—an organization committed to helping nonprofit organizations identify and secure funding. During the workshop entitled “Grantmaking Trends in 2016 and How They Impact Your Nonprofit,” Stacey will prepare you to leave with:

Knowledge about grantmaking trends in the private sector,

• Tips on how to position your proposal for success, and

• Insights into the minds of your funders.

If you or your organization are one of the many in need of these tools, you can enroll here to participate in the webinar. PiP believes that in connecting the gap between organizational knowledge about what is important and knowledge about how to perform, the nonprofit sector (and ultimately our communities) will be strengthened.

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