Kevin Dincher

Strategic Adviser, Consultant, Coach and Change-maker
“I see philanthropy as a function of gratitude (rather than wealth) and as being grounded in a sense of connectedness and community (rather than a disembodied “I should”). The word philanthropy itself evokes the notion of love of humanity—that is love in the sense not just of caring, but actively nourishing, developing and enhancing what it means to be human. Philanthropy, therefore, is what happens when the generosity of grateful people is elevated by this same love of humanity.”

Kevin Dincher serves in the role of Strategic Advisor for Professionals in Philanthropy where he provides facilitation, strategic planning, organizational development services, and consulting to PiP and our clients.

“How did we get here?” It’s Kevin Dincher’s favorite question to explore in his extensive portfolio of lectures that combine history, philosophy, psychology and theology. As a self-proclaimed student and teacher who has worked with adult education and lifelong learning programs for over a decade, Kevin has been able to pose this question to many. In order to return the favor, the PiP team decided to pose the question to him. How did Kevin get here?

For Kevin, it all began in his native home of Western New York. As a social worker and therapist in the nonprofit and social services sector, Kevin was a natural adherent to the PiP belief that helping people succeed is not just good for individuals. In spite of whatever stereotypes we may hold on the West coast, this New Yorker had a big heart and performed work that proved when people succeed, communities are enlivened and have greater vitality. Ever observant, it didn’t take long for someone like Kevin to realize that a person’s success often depends upon the success of the organizations that they belong to or that serve them—and those organizations often need help succeeding.

Putting his observations into action, he shifted from providing direct service to nonprofit management. He began learning the ins-and-out of program development, the intricacies of strategic planning and the tools needed for improving effectiveness and the critical job of developing people. This work eventually led him to the West Coast where Kevin supplemented his already extensive education—which included a BS in Accounting, an MA in Philosophy and an MA in Counseling Psychology—with an MS in Organization Development. The road he took to get here was studious and long, but PiP couldn’t be more proud of the experience he brings with him.

For more than 30 years now, Kevin has been working to help people and organizations succeed. He works with nonprofits in multiple arenas by coaching leaders, facilitating board retreats and strategic planning, conducting sustainability efforts and leading structural redesign efforts. However, it is not only nonprofit organizations that affect the vitality of our communities. Therefore, he has also provided these services to small family-owned businesses as well as to global Fortune 500 companies.

Not only are we proud of how Kevin got here, we’re excited about where he ended up. With his added talents, wisdom and insight to strengthen the PiP team, he’s helping our communities get where they want to go.