Like Pages, but Like Helping People More

Facebook can be more than a distraction at awkward meals, or a method of procrastination before beginning work. Sure, I appreciate the DIY crafts and pictures of children (or dogs who stand in place of children), but in the nonprofit world we know we have to utilize the human connection that it can provide. It helps bridge a world of people, and hopefully it brings them to your cause! What better way to spread your message of need and gain support? We know everyone is tapping in to the medium—so follow the money, so to speak. But does activity reach beyond the sympathetic page like?

According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, a recent study has found that Facebookers do little more than join groups.

Only 0.24% of the Facebook fans who joined the “Save Darfur Cause” actually contributed money to the organization. In fact, they did nothing more than click a button. Less than a quarter of a percent did anything more than click a button.  Let that sink in.

Here’s a biting reality. Liking pages? It doesn’t help people. Philanthropy is more than the social recognition of a good cause in your “likes” section. I mean I’m all for it—like pages, spread the word, join with good people to voice your support—but like helping people more. DO SOMETHING that can make a difference. It’s when we rely on the 0.24% that things never change.

Mar, 11, 2014