Ellen Lloyd

Guru, Genius
“Philanthropy is using your time, money and god-given talents to leave the world a little better than when you entered it.”

Ellen Lloyd serves as the Grant Guru and Project Specialist for Professionals in Philanthropy where she provides grant research, grant writing, and project management services for the firm’s nonprofit clients.

On the off chance that you encounter Ellen Lloyd as she’s hiking with her husband, gardening, reading, or walking her dog, Nola, you would be struck by her down-to-earth charm. If you get to meet her while she’s piecing together a grant or executing a project, you’d understand how that charm translates into the title PiP has lovingly bestowed: Grant Guru and Genius!

In order to explain PiP’s extreme pride in claiming Ellen as part of the team, we might be inclined to cite her 30 year record of exemplary work with nonprofit and for-profit companies. We may detail her role in management, fundraising, marketing, and her strategic planning expertise. We would happily tell you that she has experience securing funding from private foundations, corporate foundations, and government agencies for nonprofit organizations in a variety of sectors. We could mention that she is a proud graduate of the University of Arizona, that she has served on numerous nonprofit boards, and that she has received professional recognition for business growth and innovation (including receiving coveted Direct Marketing Association awards). But if you really want to understand our immense pleasure in calling her part of the PiP family, we’d need to tell you more than that.

We can tell you about her professional accomplishments, but it’s when you get to know Ellen that you understand her real achievements. It’s one thing to be good at grant writing (which we can tell you, is unique in and of itself). It’s another thing to explain your passion for helping nonprofits raise the money that can impact their communities; to share your belief in letting people who are great at programming focus on the programming while she handles the grants; and to execute the process with the excitement of a child solving a jigsaw puzzle (only she pieces together compelling stories that convince the reader to fund the mission). It’s one thing to have a fancy title. It’s another thing to be insistent that you use your role to learn about the challenges facing communities, and play a role in finding solutions to those difficult problems. It’s one thing to volunteer. It’s another thing to be driven by a fundamental joy in nurturing (which for Ellen can be nurturing kids, animals or gardens). It’s one thing to have fancy awards. It’s another thing to claim that your favorites come from the innovation awards you received after your work in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. We’re proud of her achievements, but we love Ellen for who she is.

It’s not just that she graduated from a good school; it’s that her response to the question “Why didn’t you stay in Arizona?” is, “Have you ever been in Pheonix in the summer? ‘Nuff said.” It’s not just that she’s interesting; it’s that she’s the kind of person who used to be a competitive horse rider (even winning a Reserve Championship from a large Colorado horse show). It’s not just that she’s relatable; it’s that she’ll tell you “chocolate and books, in that order, are impossible for me to give up.” It’s not just that she’s memorable; it’s that she wants to be remembered first as a loving mother, wife, and daughter, and second as someone who did not avoid the storms in life, but learned to dance in the rain. It’s not just that she’s a good grant-writer; it’s that she’s a good person.

As she’s done her work, and done it magnificently well, we are proud to be part of the team (and the community) who learned from Ellen Lloyd how to dance in the rain.