Mallory Coffman

Virtual Assistant and Organizer Extraordinaire
Happy, Helpful and Healthy
“Philanthropy is about kindness, compassion and the desire to make changes for the betterment of human kind. It’s similar to charity, but you can be charitable by simply donating money. I believe to be a philanthropist you are not only giving, but also taking action to seek change and solutions.”
Mallory is a Virtual Assistant and Organizer Extraordinaire for Professionals in Philanthropy. When your professional passion is helping people and making them happy, you might be a Concierge, you might work for Professionals in Philanthropy, or you might be Mallory Coffman and do both. She grew up in Colorado as a young woman with a dream to own a Rescue Ranch for animals. After leaving Colorado she lived in Texas, Louisiana, Virginia, and now Las Vegas, Nevada. After living in every time zone in the US, she finally settled in the Vegas Valley, and PiP is lucky that she did. Mallory later discovered that her dream Rescue Ranch had already been created in Kanab, UT as the Best Friends Sanctuary: a no-kill shelter housing a variety of animals. With her childhood dream realized, Mallory adopted her puppy Jamey, and has committed herself to other dreams. As someone who wants to be remembered for bringing smiles, love and laughter to people, she’s been dedicated to changing lives for the better. Although she has a self-proclaimed weakness for the elderly and animals, Mallory does more than volunteer for Assisted Living homes and pet-related functions (be sure to keep an eye out for her at “Lose a Pound with your Hound”). Mallory is passionate about health and fitness in all of its aspects—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Not only does she work to create a happy and fulfilling life for herself by being in tune with these areas, she hopes to create opportunities for others. As a Concierge and member of the Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge Association, she provides directions, assistance and advice to help others get the most enjoyment out of their vacations (and her nomination for multiple Excellence in Hospitality awards indicates she does it well). As a Virtual Assistant and Organizer Extraordinaire for Professionals in Philanthropy, she spreads joy by assisting nonprofit organizations and their boards in supporting our communities, and by saving PiP team members from insanity…on a regular basis. Whether she is sharing her considerable talents with the PiP team, walking her puppy, hiking, cycling, working out, enjoying a good meal or taking the occasional pamper day (we all need our guilty pleasures right?), Mallory is making a positive impact on those around her. One of her favorite sayings is “it’s better to be kind than right,” and we’re lucky to say she’s often both.