We’re actual Professionals in Philanthropy.

We’re all used to calling in consultants for business decisions (even if that means a trusted friend or mother). From technology, to marketing and everything in between, we rely on the expertise of individuals fully immersed in the best practices of that specific field. Why would our philanthropic giving be any different? It’s a good decision for your health, it’s a good decision for your business, and it’s a good decision for your community. Does that deserve less rigor or expertise in the decision-making process?

You can probably guess that our (somewhat biased) answer is no.

Professionals in Philanthropy

When you have someone who knows the ins and outs of the nonprofit sector, you have your own personal guide to help you create a meaningful charitable experience. Our PiP Philanthropy Advisors offer the following services:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Programs & Team Building
  • Philanthropic Strategy, Goals, Priority Setting and Annual Planning
  • Philanthropic Advising
  • Giving Vehicles to Meet Your Needs
  • Due Diligence on Potential Grantees
  • Outcomes Evaluation and Impact
  • Generational Philanthropy
  • Employee Engagement Plans and Training
  • Creating Impactful Grantmaking Programs
  • Giving Circles
  • Funders Forums

We are your partner and professional in charitable giving. No gift of time, talent or treasure is too small. We work with philanthropists of all sizes.