Road Rage Repentance

Here at PiP, we love people—which means we love serving them. We love to do good, we love to see good, we love to feel good, and we also hate crappy drivers. Sure! We’re human. Who would appreciate being cut off? Who doesn’t want to see a hand-wave from the car you just let in: some thanks after your display of kindness and sacrifice? And who can bear the sight of a blaring red light—because you’re already late—when the car before you stopped at a yellow?! But…

We also know, that “being human” is a pretty bad excuse for some pretty bad behavior.

Being human means we make mistakes and act unreasonably, sure; but we also think that being human is more than our common fits of obscenities and violent gestures. Being human means being kind (in the way we would when there aren’t multiple layers of metal between us and our victim); means being understanding (because even you’ve been the crappy driver, don’t deny it); means being forgiving (even when no hand-wave is offered, because they apparently have no human decency); and means being hopeful (that someday the worst drivers will have their license revoked).

So today we invite you to join us in our road rage repentance, and celebrate the better parts of humanity.