Save the Date: May 20th Once Upon A Time Workshop

How does a 6-year-old girl without the power to change her zip code gain the confidence to believe she can play a part in changing the world? She reads a story. A story about a boy who lived in a cupboard under the stairs who went on to save the wizarding world. She read Harry Potter.

Then she grew up, joined the Professionals in Philanthropy team as a Positive Change Trailblazer, and utilized her expertise from degrees in Psychology and Communication Studies to empower nonprofit organizations to share their stories. Her name is Aeriel Halstead and you can save the date to join her on May 20th for the workshop, Once Upon A Time: The Story of Your Nonprofit and Increased Support.

Stories and the way we tell them wield incredible influence. When shared authentically and with passion, stories can lead to deeper relationships with your supporters, increased understanding of your mission, and ultimately, more dollars and support for your organization. You should never just tell a story, you should invite the listener to join it.

Join us for an interactive and engaging session that will provide you with:

·         The nuts and bolts of a good story, also known as your story framework

·         Practice in using your voice and body to strengthen your story’s impact

You will leave our time together with a story outline for your organization and an understanding of how to deliver it in a memorable, compelling and powerful way–whether delivering the story to small groups or utilizing technology to reach the masses.

Who will benefit

·         Nonprofit board members and volunteers

·         Staff in nonprofits of all sizes who are responsible for:

  • Writing grant proposals
  • Fundraising or friend raising
  • Developing marketing materials
  • Working with the media
  • Giving tours
  • Website development
  • Training other staff
  • Working with board members and volunteers