Spreading the Love by Avoiding Your Heart

When it comes to philanthropy, many people (including the PiP team) have advocated for choosing a cause that ignites a passionate desire to create change, and using that to fuel your philanthropy. But is that the only way to give back?

According to Cari Tuna and Dustin Moskovitz, the answer is no. The young couple, who are partial owners of the Facebook empire, have a particular passion for philanthropy. In fact, they don’t consider themselves the owners of the multi-billion dollar fortune, they consider themselves the stewards: a charge they take very seriously.

When selecting causes to support, Cari and Dustin took a unique route—they didn’t find a cause they were passionate about, they found the cause where their money could make the most impact. Let that sink in…

They didn’t even want to let selfishness influence the cause they gave to.

Now, here at PiP, we have no problem with people being driven by their passions. Even less cost efficient causes need support, and it takes donors of all shapes and motivations to drive this sector. But we’re intrigued by this less emotionally driven decision. Their passion was to change the world for the better, and they were willing to choose whatever cause would serve that mission best.

However you choose to give. Keep in mind the impact the organization has. It’s okay to be driven by your passion and emotions (we still are), but it’s good to have a dose Tuna and Muskovitz in the decision too.

With Nevada’s Big Give coming up in less than a month, there are some good opportunities to put some new giving skills to Big practice!