Tell the Stories They Care About

Do you have a burning passion for electric aircrafts?

Yeah, me neither.

But Erik Lindberg does.

He also has an understanding of the importance of communicating about the topics that will emotionally impact your audience. It probably isn’t electric aircrafts.

But it might be the peaceful giants who roam the plains of Africa: the elephants whose existence is being immediately threatened by the cruelty of poachers.

You might not care about electric aircrafts. But you might care that they have become the effective method for catching and stopping predators who will painfully murder these defenseless animals.

You know the technical details about your programs. And you are (hopefully) very passionate about the work you do. But when you communicate with potential supporters, you are not sharing your passions. You are finding the simple outcomes that they care about.

People want to save the animals.

They don’t always care about electric aircrafts.

Do your organization the favor of crafting stories that are entirely centered on the audience and their concerns.


Written by: Aeriel Halstead, Positive Change Trailblazer at PiP