The Millennial Mindset: Making a Difference

When someone asks you to describe a millennial, what words surface in your mind? “Entitled,” “selfish,” and a few other adjectives are commonly associated with members of this generation. However, these negative projections couldn’t be further than the truth.

According to a Philanthroprenuership Forum, two-thirds of millennials desire a workplace that supports charities. 87% believe in social-corporate responsibility, and 80% of millennials donate to charities. Millennials have more than a work desire for responsibility; they embody this responsibility themselves while furthering the greater good.

Because millennials were born into a world where technology was booming, they are tech savvy and well-educated. Knowledge and information has become expansive and ever accessible due to the rapid technological advancement. As a result of this increased information access, millennials have heightened awareness about global issues, such as women’s rights, climate change, and water accessibility. These young people are more likely to become activists for a cause due to the team-like attitude of the generation, rather than donate money. Standing Rock was a clear example of how the spread of information can encourage individuals to support what they believe and stand with likeminded peers.

Now, millennials do care about how others perceive them and react to their social media. This self-awareness is another push to be philanthropic. People like to see others doing good deeds and sharing about a charitable experience on social media is a perfect way to get others excited about a cause. Publication of charitable efforts through social media is a wonderful way to encourage all generations to participate in a worthy cause. Whether an individual participates for likes or simply because he likes to contribute is less important than the results of the philanthropic acts.

Rather than being selfish, millennials are quite self-less. They cooperate with others to reach team goals, hold social responsibility in high esteem, and consciously educate others on causes they support. Millennials also embrace the ever-changing world around us, making them vital to understanding aspects of global evolution. Their philanthropic acts aim to create better communities, better countries, and a better world.