Tools to Create Campaign Videos

We’ve all become aware of the importance of utilizing videos for the success of campaigns and social media strategies. But knowing what to do doesn’t tell you much about how to accomplish it. For instance, I may know that I need to eat healthier. But if I don’t have any nutritional background to tell me what I should be eating (and there’s a pint of Hagen Daaz sitting in my freezer), I may lack the resources to do what I’m supposed to.

In order to keep your video efforts from looking like my dieting efforts, here are a couple of resources that can be utilized for the creation of a video suitable for a campaign. With basic editing, the use of legal music, and some creativity, you’re well on your way. (We’re keeping budget in mind with these recommendations because let’s face it–if you can afford to hire a videographer, you probably don’t need this post!)

Most of us have smart phones (we won’t get into Android vs. iPhone here) or cameras with video recording capabilities. They produce raw and unedited footage that may not be suitable for campaign material. Simple editing can transform these videos, however. And believe it or not, most computers come with simple editing software already. On the Mac, it’ll be called iMovie. On a Windows, it’ll be called Movie Maker. Both are designed to be used by the novice technician (of which the PiP team qualifies, so no judgement).

Editing videos may often include the use of music. Of course, unless you happen to be writing the music yourself, this brings into question where to access others’ music in a way that is lawful and tasteful. Youtube limits the upload of music you don’t own–even if you do own it on your laptop or phone. This free website, Creative Commons, serves as a resource site that lists a number of websites that can be utilized to get free music (and yes, do it legally). The listed websites have music released to the Creative Commons, meaning artists have given others’ rights to use their music. With each song, ensure that you check the Creative Commons License it has to be sure your use of the music doesn’t violate it’s requirements.

Telling your story in an intentional and passionate way can make a difference in your cause. Yes, even if you used free software to do it. Allow your message to speak for itself, but don’t be afraid to dress it up a little.

If you need assistance telling your campaign story in a compelling way, reach out to our Communications Specialist (or Positive Change Trailblazer as she prefers), Aeriel Halstead, at