Young Nonprofit Professionals Network

Youth are the future, right? It’s something that we’ve been hearing for years.

While “under 40” seems to be a looser definition of the word, the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) agrees that a new generation is the secret to success. YNPN is an organization that invests in the upcoming generation of nonprofit leaders to provide them with networking, development, and resources. By investing in the future leaders of the nonprofit sector, you invest in the thousands of causes and lives that they’ll touch through their own work.

If you want to cut grass, you invest in a lawn mower. If you want to see change, you invest in leaders that will redefine the nonprofit landscape: invest in YNPN.

Check out their website, and their donation page. Nevada’s Big Give will be an incredible opportunity to support this great cause!

Apr, 05, 2014